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Please enable JavaScript to access the full features of the site or access our non-JavaScript page. Introduction of the year Stefano Protti and Angelo Albini. Log in to access for FREE. Buy chapter. Organic aspects: photochemistry of alkenes, dienes, polyenes — Takashi Tsuno. Photochemistry of aromatic compounds Kazuhiko Mizuno.

Organic aspects. Oxygen-containing functions M. Scheme 4. Scheme 5. Scheme 6. Table 1 Calculated thermodynamic parameters at the G3 MP2 B3 level of theory for exemplificative photochemical reactions. Figure 1. Figure 2.

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Experimental Section The computational investigation has been carried out in order to recognize the energy change associated to the reaction under consideration. Click here for additional data file.

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Conflicts of Interest The authors declare no conflict of interest. Footnotes Sample Availability : Not apply. References 1. Ciamician G.

Photochemistry - Norrish type 1 or α clevage -- Lecture - 3 -- IIT JAM - DU - BHU - NET - GATE

Albini A. Green chemistry and photochemistry were born at the same time. Green Chem.

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Sintesi in chimica organica per mezzo della luce. Nota I. Milan — Warburg E. The transformation of energy in photochemical processes in gases. Benrath A. On pure and combined photochemical reactions. The Gold Book. Prignano A. Silica-Supported Bis trialky1phosphine platinum Oxalates. Photogenerated Catalysts for Hydrosilation of Olefins. Arceo E. Minero C. Kamat P.

http://lastsurestart.co.uk/libraries/plus/192-track-where.php Photochemistry on Nonreactive and Reactive Semiconductor Surfaces. Gerischer H. Photochemistry of adsorbed species. Faraday Discuss. Protti S. Solar light-driven photocatalyzed alkylations. Chemistry on the window ledge. Ravelli D. Visible Light Photocatalysis. A Green Choice? Buckel W. Radical and Electron Recycling in Catalysis. Zeitler K.

Photoredox Catalysis with Visible Light. Yoon T. Visible light photocatalysis as a greener approach to photochemical synthesis. Narayanam J. Visible light photoredox catalysis: applications in organic synthesis. Organic synthesis using visible-light photocatalysis and its 20th century roots. Xuan J. Visible-Light Photoredox Catalysis. Prier C. Ohtani B. Photocatalysis by inorganic solid materials: Revisiting its definition, concepts, and experimental procedures. In: van Eldik R. Advances in Inorganic Chemistry, Inorganic Photochemistry.

Volume Academic Press, Elsevier Ltd.

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Chapter Bethke S. Strained hydrocarbons from cyclic diynes, preparation and reactivity. Mills A.

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An overview of semiconductor photocatalysis. A Chem. Kisch H. Semiconductor Photocatalysis for Organic Synthesis. In: Neckers D. Advances in Photochemistry.